The EYE Project Launches “Management Development Programme”

April 7th 2014

Within the continuing efforts in the development of Technical and Vocational Education and Training “TVET” system, IRPAL, Enhancing Youth Employability (EYE) Project, launched Management Development Programme (MDP), starting with the first module “Management of Modern TVET Centers".

The MDP, is a major component of the Human Resource Development plan, which is an integral component of the EYE project, funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

This training programme targets mangers and principals working in TVET schools and centers in the Gaza Strip, selected from main stakeholders including Ministry of Education (MoE), Ministry of Labor (MoL), the UNRWA and from NGOs working in the TVET field.

EYE Project Manager, Dr. Ammar El Qidra, welcomed the guests of the opening sessionl, including Dr. Ziad Thabet, Deputy Assistant of MoE, Eng. Muneeb Abu Ghazala, IRPAL Country Director, Eng. Salah Tayeh, IRPAL Programs Manager, and Ton Farla, a senior international expert in Human Resource Development, who was outsourced by the project.

Dr. El Qidra emphasized the importance of MDP as a complement to the Learning and Development Program for TVET Trainers “LDPTT”, which targets 100 TVET trainers in the Gaza Strip. He said the programme comes within a comprehensive HRD plan targeting TVET staff.

The EYE project is moving forward, El Qidra added, saying that one of its main concerns is to ensure that TVET system has the capacity to bring leaders and experts who could enhance youth employability in the labor market.

Dr. Thabet, for his part, said the EYE project “iscrucial to theGaza Strip, where we are in an urgent need for developing the TVET system, which has several weaknesses and limited number of students joining TVET centers,”

“The significance of this project lies with the need to develop three Centers of Competence (CoCs) in terms of infrastructure upgrading, human resource development and curricula development, and with  the attraction of international experts working closely with local experts.

Thabet continued by saying that “what adds to the significance of the project is the networking with all stakeholders including from the public sector and private sector and participants fromvocational colleges on whom the ministry will rely in the future to transferexpertise to other ministry staff” 

Moreover, the project does not take a step forward without referring to the labor market, Thabet said. He extended thanks to the EYE Project team who are working diligently to implement the Palestine TVETStrategy revised and approved in 2010.

Eng. Muneeb Abu Ghazala, IRPAL Director, emphasized the importance of focusing on three Centers of Competence and experience exchanging among TVET schools and centers in the Gaza Strip.

Abu Ghazala also pointed tothe importance of creating autonomous, sustainable TVET  centers able to support while operating under the umbrella of ministries.

He stressed the IslamicRelief’s ongoing effortswith its partners tosupport the improvementofthe TVET system, with focus on development projects, in order to enhance youth employability.

The EYE project, which has a duration of three years, is working to develop three TVET centers into CoCs in three sectors;construction, agriculture and ICT, with the aim of having well-trained graduateswith high competencesandskillsto  respond to the labor market needs.