Terms of Reference For Local Short Term Expert (LSTE)/ Local Consultancy Firm (LCF)

Call for Proposals

Media Plan Design for “TVET Awareness Campaign”

Issued by: Enhancing Youth Employability Project in the Gaza Strip

Islamic Relief- Palestine (IRPAL)

1. Project Background
Islamic Relief, in partnership with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), is implementing a three-year Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Labor Market (LM) project in the Gaza Strip. The overall objective of the project “Enhancing Youth Employability in the Gaza Strip’’ (EYE) is to contribute to a unified TVET and LM system that provides youth with good quality labor market relevant skills and effective employment services as well as the local economy with the required skilled labor force. In order to achieve these objectives and to contribute to the adaptation and implementation of the Palestinian National TVET (revised 2010) in Gaza, the EYE project will collaborate with diverse local stakeholders including ministries, private sector organizations and public TVET institutions.
The EYE project will achieve its objectives through a combination of TVET institution building, human resource development, curricula development and labor market initiatives. More specifically, the project will select three existing TVET institutions in the public sector and upgrade them, in terms of building infrastructure, equipment, curricula and staff capacity building, into Centers of Competence for three specific economic sectors. The selected sectors are Construction, Agriculture and ICT.
These ToR relates specifically to labor market component and more specifically to the design and implementation of TVET media awareness campaign in the Gaza Strip aiming at improving the overall image of TVET in the GS.

2. Brief Description:
Based on a pre-survey of “Key Stakeholders’ Attitudes towards TVET in the Gaza Strip” conducted by Eye project in January 2014, the results have shown negative attitudes towards accepting TVET as a high quality career pathway in Gaza Strip. Those attitudes demonstrated at different stakeholder levels ranging from parents, school students, principals, TVET students, employers, and the public community. Those negative attitudes are attributed to weak TVET infrastructure in the Gaza Strip with regards to availability, accessibility and capacity of TVET institution, competitive level of TVET graduates in the labor market, student’s enrollment (especially females) and relevancy of TVET curricula. Upon the survey results and recommendations, EYE project is planning to design a widespread media campaign to improve the TVET image among key stakeholders in Gaza Strip.

3. Media Campaign Goals:
1. Improving TVET image within the Palestinian community & informing the public of the ongoing development in this sector.
2. Informing Palestinian society about “Enhancing Youth Employability Project in Gaza Strip” and the latest development in the project.
3. Enhancing TVET awareness among school and college students to increase participation of youth in TVET sector.
It is worth noting:
1. Implementation of media activities will start directly after the completion of media plan design
2. Post-survey will be conducted after the completion of the media campaign to measure the change in stakeholder’s attitudes towards TVET.

4. Target Group:
The main target groups in this media campaign are:
- General school students, mainly students aged (14-16) years old (Potential TVET trainees)
- TVET students and graduates
- College students
- Parents of young people in GS
- School principals and teachers
- TVET providers
- Employers

5. Timing and duration:
It is expected to finalize the media plan before the end of June 2014 noting that media campaign activities will run during year 2014/2015. The expected duration for this assignment is one month.

6. LSTE/LCF Duties and Activities:
Islamic Relief expects the following from the assigned local expert/ company:
- Review thoroughly the pre-survey “Key Stakeholders’ Attitudes towards TVET in the Gaza Strip” to fully understand the findings, results and recommendations
- Based on the revised pre-survey, develop media plan with full and clear description of the main media packages with detailed activities indicating the target groups.
- Propose a variety of media tools in the media packages such as broadcast media, social media, websites, printed material and advertisement that is related to main themes.
- Prepare timeline for proposed media activities for year 2014/2015 considering school and colleges timetables
- Develop and propose relevant TVET media core messages/concepts appropriate to different target groups which will be used in implementing the media packages.
- Meet TVET school students, principals and other stakeholders when needed to extract media messages and learn from their experiences
- Suggest possible and potential service providers for each media package
- Prepare a resource list and provide financial estimation for each of the proposed media packages
- Present a clear description of how the different phases of the campaign will be monitored, evaluated, reported and managed.
- Make a presentation on the final media plan/report to TVET team for discussion
- Submit a copy of the final report (hard & soft) to the EYE project team.

7. Qualifications and skills
Selected service provider –whether a company or an individual- should have the following qualifications:
- At least 10 years professional experience in the field of communication and media production.
- At least 5 years’ experience in designing and producing media materials for awareness and media campaigns.
- Demonstrate experience on designing creative concepts by attaching examples of previous experience
- Have a proven record of previous successful media and awareness campaigns in Gaza Strip, preferably in education/TVET sector.
- High level of creativity in media production and finding media solutions to deliver messages in the best way.
- Ability to advise and recommend a combination of media tools and channels to help deliver messages simply and widely to the public.
- Excellent oral and written Arabic & English skills.

8. Proposal Submission

  • Consultants shall submit "one original & one copy" of the Technical and Financial Proposals in a package containing two separate envelopes (sealed and stamped) as follows:

a) The first envelope must be clearly marked “TECHNICAL PROPOSAL” and shall contain hard copies of the technical proposal "one original & one copy" and should contain exact time needed for preparing the media plan.
b) The second envelope must be clearly marked “FINANCIAL PROPOSAL” and shall contain a detailed price offer "one original & one copy", signed and stamped.

  •  No financial information shall be contained in the Technical Proposal otherwise the offer will be cancelled and excluded from the evaluation process.
  •  Consultants shall not be entitled to compensation related to costs of preparing the proposals.
  •  Prices shall be in USD
  •  Inquiries can be sent via email: tvet.jobs@irpal.ps
  •  Proposals shall be submitted no later than 18 May, 2014 , at 13:30 PM at the following address:

Islamic Relief, Palestine Filed Office, Ahmed Abdulaziz st., western AlKenz Mosque, Al Remal, Gaza City, Palestine, Tel: +970 (8) 2833343+970 (8) 2833343 / 2837889 , Fax: +970 (8) 2844606

9. Evaluation of Proposals:
A. Evaluation of the technical proposal

  •  The evaluation of proposals and selection of the consultant will be made with a total score calculated out of 100%, of which 70% is the weight of the Technical Proposal and 30% is the weight of Financial Proposal.
  •  Only the Technical Proposals will be opened on the submission date. Financial Proposals remain sealed until the technical evaluation is completed.
  •  The evaluation of Technical Proposals will be according to following criteria.

1 Introduction, including the consultant understanding of the assignment requirements and the attached per- survey “Key Stakeholders’ Attitudes Towards TVET in the Gaza Strip 20 point

2 Qualification and relevant experience of the consultant (attach CV of applying local expert) 30 point

3 Proposed methodology for conducting the assignment 50 point

Total 100

B. Evaluation of the Financial proposal

  •  The financial proposal shall include the direct cost required for completion the media plan as one package.
  •  Only the applicants, who receive 50 Points or more in the technical score, will be considered in the evaluation of the financial proposals.
  • The evaluation of Financial Proposals will be done according to following formula:

Financial Score = (lowest price "Successful" / each price) X 30.

C. Overall of the Evaluation

  •  The consultant with the highest total score (sum of technical and financial scores) will be considered as the winner of the assignment and will be invited for contract negotiations and ultimately to sign the Contract.
  •  The Technical and Financial Proposals of the successful bidder and negotiation minutes will become part of the Contract.

The pre-survey of “Key Stakeholders’ Attitudes towards TVET in the Gaza Strip”