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Complaints policy:
Islamic Relief recognizes your right to get the services they provide with full transparency and without any discrimination based on the values derived from our true religion and our responsibility before Almighty Allah and all donors and funders and our partners across the world.
Complaints aspects:
Beneficiaries, institutions, and individuals have the right to make official complaints about Islamic Relief – about our staff, as well as our programs in case of dissatisfaction, exposure to injustice or mistreatment. Islamic Relief will deal with the received complaints with credibility, transparency and confidentiality.
Complaints procedures:
•    Complainants are able to make a complaint as easily as possible in many ways:
1.    Written correspondence shall be put in the fixed complaints box at Islamic Relief Headquarters.
2.    Written correspondence shall be put in the movable complaints box which exists in the projects’ sites.
3.    Filling a complaint form on IRPAL website.
4.    Sending a complaint via email shakwa@irpal.ps
Islamic Relief procedures in dealing with the complaints:
Islamic Relief will record and document any complaints to deal with it properly.
•    Complainants might be contacted, so the complainant must leave his contact information.
•    Complaints Officer will send a confirmation receipt to the complainant and to provide written information within three business days. Complaints handling will go through a specialized committee.
•    A decision will be issued within 21 business days after receiving the complaint, unless there is a clear reason for the extension with informing the complainant every 15 days.
•    Issuing the final decision about the complaint and informing the complainant about it.
•    Ending the complaint and recording the results.