Over 2,500 people gathered on Islamic Relief table in Ramadan

Islamic Relief-Gaza Office implemented two Ramadan Iftars in different governorates of the Gaza Strip for the families of sponsored orphans at One-to-One Sponsorship Programme.

The first event gathered almost 1150 people who are the families of 174 sponsored orphans. The second event gathered around 1350 people, who are the families of 217 sponsored orphans. Accomplishing Ramdan Iftar was a great success as this gathering was the largest since 2012.

Children attending the Iftar were very pleased and very enthusiastic as they participated in different activities before and after their fast breaking meals including playing with entertainment band. The event also included many spiritual and Ramdan activities with the participation of “Al-Musharaty” who usually wakes people up to have their “Suhoor” meal. In our evet, he made supplications; children were happy around him.

Families, also, received a nice gift that included a plate of dates and dried fruits, which are usually served during Ramdan.

Children expressed their great happiness and pleasure to participate in these wonderful events. At the end of these two days, children and their families thanked Islamic Relief and their kind sponsors around the world.


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