Celebrating the Universal Children’s Day, Islamic Relief, conducted three separate activities.

The first activity involved making thirty drawings by sponsored orphans, these drawings shoed how children define happiness. The drawings were titled happiness is and children draw what happiness means for them.

The second activity was conducted at Alrantisi hospital, the only specialized children hospital in the Gaza Strip. Islamic Relief, Orphans Sponsorship Program visited the hemodialysis department and celebrated the day with children who suffer from Renal Failure. Thirty patient children visits the hospital three times weekly each time they stay attached to their beds and to hemodialysis devises for more than 4 hours.  These children enjoyed the activities that Islamic Relief conducted at the hospital, the clowns danced and played and did their shows in front of these children, they were very happy for coloring their faces, also at the end of the celebration they received very nice gifts which felt their tired and pale faces with happiness and very big smiles.

The third activity was held at Palestine Future Society that it specialized in taking care of children with cerebral palsy. The activity was different because most of the children were able to join Islamic Relief team playing and enjoying the event, they have also received nice gifts at the end of the day. A number of the sponsored orphans at the Orphan’s Sponsorship Program were integrated in the activity who expressed their happiness and willingness to help and support their peers who have cerebral palsy.

ve cerebral palsy.