Islamic Relief celebrates the staff and honors the Child Welfare Program Manager upon his retirement


Islamic Relief Palestine held a ceremony to distribute the certificates of training courses, which achieved during the year 2017 for IRPAL employees.  There were 35 training courses, which included 2792 training hours attended by Islamic relief employees during the year 2017.

Muneeb Abu Ghazaleh, Country Director of the Islamic Relief Office in Palestine, stressed the keen interest of Islamic Relief to increase the efficiency of its employees, and enhancing their skills by integrating them into a range of training courses based on their needs. Further, he encouraged employees to study and learn, highlighting the effectiveness of online training in light of the inability of staff to travel abroad.

In the ceremony, IRPAL honors the manager of Child Welfare Program, Mr. Mohammad Abu Muharram, for his precious efforts during more than eleven working years in Islamic Relief.

Mr. Muneeb praised the important role played by Mr. Mohammed Abu Muharram in promoting the Islamic Relief work, especially in the Child Welfare Program, which managed by Mr. Mohammed Abu Muharram during the last period, until his retirement at the end of December 2017.