Story of Judy

Today was a significant day for Judy al-Sawafiri, a three years old girl, and her mother as well. She will go through a major change in her life as the mother says. Unlike other kids, Judy has challenges that most kids have not, she had a clot before completing her first year which made her unable to walk and move easily.

“Thank you for helping me change my daughter’s life. The doctors advised me to bring a device that helps her walk and move, I have made every effort seeking for support until IRPAL helped me” says Judy’s mother after she was provided with a Walker that matches her daughter’s age and size. The walkers in addition to other assistive tools were provided to a number of disabled beneficiaries by Islamic Relief through the “Social Safety Net for Children with Disabilities project” implemented by IRPAL and funded by Islamic Relief-Mauritius.

“Previously, She used to need our help to move inside the house, now, she can depend on herself while I watch her from a distance. she is going to be self-reliant.” added the mother.

Before Judy left the distribution center, she began to take her first steps by her own for the first time with the help of the Walker she got.

“Thanks God, this is a real change in my life and my daughter’s. I am very happy to see her walking and smiling to me, getting such device was just a dream. She was happy, because she would be able to move inside the house like her brothers.” her mother said happily.

However, Judy with her facial beauty and innocence, is in need for an additional medical device that reduces the curvature of her body and helps to treat her spine while the family has no source of income, accordingly, cannot afford such high medical expenses for Judy and her sick sister. The family still needs our support in order to overcome all their suffering and secure better future for their kids.