Whenever they destroy a life anywhere, it is rebuilt by a mother

Ratiba is a Palestinian woman from Om Alfahem, living in Al-Yarmouk Camp in Syria. She and her family fled to Gaza during the horrible siege on the camp in 2012. Ratiba’s family had passed a miserable journey to arrive Palestine. She never wants to mention or even to remember the horrible details of it.

When the family arrived Gaza, Ratiba’s husband had a heart attack because he left his business and his house. As a result, he was not able to find a work, so she had to bear the family’s responsibility and do everything by herself. She could hardly find a house to rent. Therefore, she sold her piece of gold to pay the costs of the renting. Ratiba have 9 sons, the youngest is Amro, who was at the age of 6 when they arrived Gaza. She considered him as the source of inspiration in her life and the main reason behind the progress she reaches today.

One day, Amro asked his mother to make him some food for an opening day at the school. She made some sorts of pastries and desserts, Amro’s teachers were impressed how delicious and tasty the food is and then asked to see his mother.

“I met the teachers, and they asked me to launch my own project telling me about one of the institutions that provide grants for such projects and support them financially.  I had really applied, and I got the grant. However, it was not adequate to cover everything I need for it focused only on the administrative sides and provided me with a few kitchen equipment” Ratiba declared

“Then I knew about the Livelihood Creation and Economic Empowerment for Vulnerable Groups implemented by Islamic Relief of Palestine and funded by Islamic Relief of UK. I applied and received specialized training courses in administrative and financial management that implemented by SEC” she added

“I had received IR grant which provided me with dough sheet machine and refrigerator. In fact, this enabled me to work hard and receive huge orders for parties and occasions” “The steady and increasing income that I gain from the project helped me significantly to improve my restaurant as well as my entire life. For example, I built a Taboon for baking pastries, I payed for an official license of the restaurant, I hired 3 Syrian workers who refuged to Gaza because of the war, and I managed to register my sons in the university, as well”. Ratiba continued

“Owning to skills I acquired from the training courses by SEC, I could link and coordinate with some NGOs institutions and sell them my delicious ka’ak, maamoul, kubbah, pizza, and all sorts of food”. She said

“Finally, all of thanks return to IR since it supported me to enhance my self-confidence as I become a famous cook whose food is desired and required. In addition. I achieved the most important thing which is having a source of income for my family who suffered from the scourge of war” Ratiba concluded.