Finally; my sick kids will eat jam on Sohour

“In fact; I don’t like to refuse the requests of my kids especially that four of them suffer from liver diseases but I cannot afford to provide what they like to eat because of our poverty”. This is how Om Younes Hamdouna describes her daily struggle to provide adequate food items for her kids who experience the harshness of life in addition to the pain of their sickness.

“The sugar-rich foods are the best choice for my sick children which help them to fight disease. They need to eat honey, jam and fruits; however, I can hardly offer the basic food items such as rice and beans” She sadly added.

“Since the death of my husband, our lives have tragically changed. We are faced with very stressful circumstances as we don’t own a stable source of income to depend upon in providing our life necessities as well as the therapeutic supplies for my kids.” Om Younes continued

Like thousands of Palestinian households that are living in difficult economic conditions; Om Younes’ family was not appropriately prepared to start the holy month of Ramadan’ as they did not have enough money to buy the necessary food for this month.

“We love this holy month especially because it is the month of charity and goodness. My children and I meet on one meal at the breakfasting time. Unfortunately; we did not feel the joy of receiving this Ramadan month at our home. My children wished to have different dishes to eat at the breakfasting of the first day but unfortunately I couldn’t present any of them” she continued

“My son asked me to cook him a dish of rice called “Kabsa”. The first week of Ramadan passed without being able to manage it. I couldn’t buy the rice and chicken to prepare this dish” Om Younes said.

“Islamic Relied is the first organization to communicate with us to benefit from its Ramadan project which is implemented every year. I was very happy to be told that I had to come to the supermarket to buy the necessary food items. I even checked with my children on the items that we need and recorded them on a paper. It is the only opportunity for us to buy our food supplies and I don’t want to forget to bring any of them”. Om Younes ardently stated.

“I bought rice, sugar, cooking old and different types of cheese. I will come back home and cook the “Kabsa” today for my sick son, Ahmed” Om Younes said with a smile on her face.

“These food supplies will be sufficient for my children for the two coming weeks. Thank Allah; I will not worry about providing food for my family and I will dedicate my time to worship this month” she said

.“Praise be to Allah. Finally; my sick children will eat jam on the Sohour time tonight. You helped me to reduce the pain and suffering of my sick kids during Ramadan holy month. Thank you indeed” Om Younes concluded.