Mrs. Nahla: Islamic Relief gave us a happy Eid

Mrs. Nahla Al Batreekhy, 58 years, who is one of the beneficiary of the Qurbany Project 2017, warmly welcomed us from the window of her Rickety house with great happiness on her face.

She said “thank you very much, Alhamdulillah you made our day, it is a happy Eid, we received the Qurbani meat fresh”

She continues “we are a big family, I live in this house with my sons and their children, I also have a widowed daughter and a divorced daughter and we all live in this house. Our house needs a lot of repair works especially walls, bathrooms and we need to install windows”

She added “On the first day of Eid, we went to Eid prayers and when I came home, my sons and grandchildren ran to congratulate me on Eid and kissed my hands, I felt great happiness although I was very distressed because we did not have enough money to buy Eid supplies.

She confirmed, we we received the qurbani meat, our happiness with Eid increased, securing food is my biggest concern. Islamic Relief relived this concern which made me enjoy the Eid”

She added “I’d like to thank donors who brought happiness to our hearts, Alhamdulillah, I finally felt that the Eid day is a different one”

She points out to one of her grandchildren sadly saying, this is my youngest grandchild “he is almost one year of age but he didn’t take a single step yet. When we visited the doctor, he told us that he needs nourishing food. How can we buy him good food , milk and fruits when we don’t have a stable source of income’

My sons work in very humble works as workers and most of the time, they stay at home, also they suffer from different ailments. I also suffer from a heart problem and I need medications continuously.

Mrs. Nahla quickly cooked the meat saying “We cannot store meat for any other day. We have electricity for only very few hours daily. I do not want to spoil the meat also we miss eating meat”. She said.

In the middle of the house, Mrs. Nahla, made a fire for cooking, she said “we cook using fire, it is very exhausting especially for me due to my illness, but do have no other alternatives. We can’t afford buying cooking gas…”

She concluded with a shining face with happiness “I forgot my tiredness when we sit together to have our food with happiness filling our hearts.